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Social Security Strategies with Jody Harris

Social Security Consultant

Who is Jody Harris? 

  • Jody Harris worked for the Social Security Administration for over 34 years, ten of those years as a Public Relations Officer. He has held staff-member positions to both the Commissioner of the SSA and a US Senator.
  • For his outreach work, Jody received the prestigious Deputy Commissioner’s Award, the second highest accolade within the SSA.  In 2001, Jody was the recipient of the Associate Commissioner’s Award for his part on starting the Social Security Internet claims process that is currently still in use.
  • Jody now works as an independent third-party Consultant to Protective Life in the area of Social Security. Jody utilizes his extensive experience within the financial community to educate consumers on what to expect from Social Security and how to obtain benefits with appropriate retirement income planning.

Why is this topic important to consumers? 

  • 96% of Americans are entitled to SS benefits. Given the complexity of the program, many will need guidance regarding their benefits.
  • Benefits can be more substantial than you think. If it’s not factored into a retirement income plan, you could be ignoring the equivalent of a million-dollar asset.

 Video For the Social Security Seminar on 1/16/19

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