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How We Invest

Pavlos is not a "lone wolf." He has a team of Cetera research analysts to support him. He is not charged any additional cost for that service. 

Investment Management Brochure

Mutual Fund Selection

  1. Initial Screening and Quantitative Analysis
  2. Qualitative Review 
  3. Time the Investment 
  4. Improve Combination
  5. Implement Market Perspective
  6. Investment Oversight

Strategic Asset Allocation

Step 1:   Establish Baseline Assumptions

Step 2:   Define Opportunity Set and Decompose Benchmarks

Step 3:   Generate Capital Market Assumptions

Step 4:   Incorporate Sensitivity Factors 

Step 5:   Check Data and Present to Investment Committee

Step 6:   Monitor on an Ongoing Basis

Strategic Asset Allocation

Tactical Asset Allocation

  • Start with the same strategic 3-5 year outlook
  • Overlay short-term outlook
  • Add liquid alternative strategies
  • Rebalance 3-4 times a year

Tactical Asset Allocation