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Pavlos Panagopoulos, CFP®

Pavlos Panagopoulos, CFP®

Registered Representative


Who We Are

We are dedicated financial professionals who are affiliated with one of the Nation’s best known and well respected independent advisory firms founded in 1984. This relationship allows us to remain independent in advising our clients, friends and families free from outside influences but with a partner who possesses the financial strength of a national firm and the presence to deliver the financial vehicles which have been vetted through a ongoing compliance review.


We begin our relationship with our clients through a financial planning approach. We adhere to the principles and code of ethics of the Financial Planning Association and Certified Financial Planners CFP. We use an interactive website allowing our clients to go through the planning processes on an ongoing basis.

  • We provide an array of financial vehicles custom designed to meet each of our clients, families and friends’ unique needs and concerns.
  • We team up with other professionals in order to better serve our clients and assist them in navigating life treacherous waters.
  • These services are brought to our clients through our team’s Investment Philosophy. We want there to be no mystery as to how our portfolios are constructed, and recommend our clients to familiarize themselves with our Investment Process..