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2022 Radio Show

Radio Show 12/27/2022 - Year End Insurance Check Up 

Radio Show 12-20-2022- Merry Necessities of Life 

Radio Show 12-13-2022 - You Can't Make Something Out Of Nothing

Radio Show 12-06-2022"FIFA" - Fuel International dividends Food and Agriculture

Radio Show 11-29-2022- How Soccer Explains The World

Radio Show 11-22-2022 - Natural Disasters and Inflation with Selina

Radio Show 11-15-2022- Investing In The Choke Points

Radio Show 11-08-2022- The Fed Just Threw Them An Anchor

Radio Show 11-01-2022 - The Best October Ever

Radio Show 10-25-2022 - New Regime

Radio Show 10-18-2022 - Silly Season

Radio Show 10-13-2022 - Financial Advice & Retirement with Don Connelly

Radio Show 10-12-2022 - Small Cap Investing with Suzanne Franks

Radio Show 10-11-2022- Is the Fed Fighting the Ghost of Inflation?

Radio Show 10-04-2022- Unconventional Consensus

Radio Show 09-27-22- This Is Not A Hyperbole

Radio Show 09/20/2022- The Road To Serfdom Is Paved With Good Intentions

Radio Show 09-13-2022 - God Save The Dollar

Radio Show 09-06-2022 -  Demand Destruction

Radio Show 08-30-2022- Demography Is Destiny 

Radio Show 08-23-2022 - Saving Their Legacy

Radio Show 08-16-2022 - Insurance Equals Asset Protection with Selina

Radio Show 08/09/2022 - Time To Learn Newspeak

Radio Show 08/02/2022 - Uncertain Future

Radio Show 7-28-2022-If it reports like recession and acts like a recession it’s a recession

Radio Show 07-26-2022- Fed's Financial Engineering  

Radio Show 07-18-2022 - Insurance Claims with Selina

Radio Show 07-12-2022 - The Bureau of Labour Sadistics; Inflation's Unexpected Rise

Radio Show 07/05/2022- American Resiliency 

Radio Show 06/28/2022- The Law of Supply and Demand

Radio Show 06/21/2022 - Bull Markets Don't Die of Old Age

Radio Show 06/14/2022 - The Recent Market Down Turn 

Radio Show 06-07-2022- Advantages Of Using a Certified Financial Planner

Radio Show 05/31/2022 - Dragflation The New Phase Of This Commodity Super Cycle

Radio Show 05/24/2022 - "More Government Is Not The Solution."

Radio Show 05/17/2022 - "Money Printing Always Ends Badly"

Radio Show 05/10/2022- “Those Who Don’t Learn From History Are Doomed To Repeat It”

Radio Show 05/03/2022 - Federal Reserve's Interest Rate Increase

Radio Show 04/26/2022 - Rising Interest Rates

Radio Show 04/19/2022 - Hedonics and The Federal Reserve

Radio Show 04/13/2022 - Twilight In The Desert, Gas Prices Are Headed Up

Radio Show 04/05/2022 - Y-2-K Revisited

Radio Show 03/29/2022 - Fool's Gold

Radio Show 03/23/2022  - How to Capitalize on the Chaos

Radio Show 03/22/2022 - It's a Bull Market for Chaos

Radio Show 03/15/2022 - How to Catch a Falling Knife

Radio Show 03/08/2022- Rally Around The Flag

Radio Show 03/01/2022- Afghan Effect

Radio Show 02/22/2022- The Silver Lining of Investing

Radio Show 02/15/2022- How Energy Explains The World

Radio Show 02/08/2022- The Insidious Tax

Radio Show 02/01/2022- Money Printing Is The Problem

Radio Show 01/25/2022- Preparing For The New Abnormal Market

Radio Show 01/18/2022- It's All About Your Health and Wealth

Radio Show 01/11/2022- From Just In Time To Just In Case

Radio Show 01/04/2022- New Year's Resolutions

Selina's Radio Segment 01/03/2022- Insurance Resolutions For 2022