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2022 Market Outlook

Cetera Investment Management is pleased to release its annual Market Outlook for 2022 titled, "Finding the Right Ingredients for the Next Course.” In this outlook, we discuss the economic recovery and how the Fed will likely play a larger role in determining its future prospects as the Fed becomes less accommodating.

Much of the recovery thus far has been driven by the purchases of goods rather than services. In 2022, we are hopeful people will go on more vacations and dine out more. In this outlook, we pay tribute to the restaurant industry which was hit hard by this pandemic and make fun parallels between investing and Italian cuisine.

Down below is a video provided by Cetera Investment Management that summarizes the Market Outlook for 2022. Click on the link to peruse the menu to see what's cooking for 2022 as we explore the fun parallels between investing and Italian cuisine. Buon Appetito!